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Q&A - April 2012

1. In the recent web episode for Twisted Showcase, which part was the most challenging, Peter or Paul?

Definitely the good guy, always the good guy. And motivation can be hard to find when you're talking to yourself or your hand - reality's harder to find.

2. And what do you think of the internet as a medium for new drama?

People are using it more and more, downloading or watching online. It's clearly the future for many forms of media but you know, nothing can take away that feeling when you have a hard copy of something in your hand whether it's a DVD or a CD. There's no ceremony to just calling something up on the internet, you can't unwrap it or hold it.

3. Whose idea was it to draw inspiration from Shakespeare's Seven Ages Of Man speech for Blue Gillespie's upcoming album (Seven Rages of Man)?

It's an epic concept album. I've always wanted to do something on the circle of life since an installation I saw at the Tate. A woman artist had filmed a birth and someone taking their last breath and she'd linked it all together in a film. At the end, you had the face of the newborn and the face of the dying person together, and they were the same. Amazing. We chose the theme of Rage, all four of us, because it's our own rage and all around us of our friends and in the news. I saw the seven headed Hydra in Newport Library one day and the Seven Rages of Man just seemed to sum it up.

4. Although the album has an overarching theme, is there any one track that you are most pleased with as a writer?

That's hard. I love the whole thing and even though we split the tracks up, it's really a single whole and I can't select one section over the others.

5. If you had synesthesia would you rather hear colours or see sounds?

Whoa... that's difficult. (pause) Well, hearing colours probably but you know, it'd depend on my state of mind at the time.

6. What has been the most unusual present you've ever received?

(laughs) The My Little Pony Ianto is still winning that one.

7. If you could be a famous monument, which one and why?

Ooh... Can I be the Rocky statue from the film? (laughs) Can I be a lake? I'd like to be Lake Louise in Canada, a lake by a glacier in the Rocky Mountains.

8. Is there a particular talent or skill that you wish you had?

Oh, loads. Every time I see someone doing something great, I wish I could do that. As an actor, you know, I always have that wish, to do that.

9. Can you tackle minor DIY tasks around the home, or would you get someone in to do it?

I do exemplary DIY, I surprised myself in the new house we're in, the shelves are all straight and everything. Gem? (consults Gemma) Yeah, she says yes.

10. You did a Women's Aid benefit recently, what was that like?

I really enjoyed the Women's Aid event. I knew it was a great cause, but when I was there, hearing the stories and talking and thinking about my own memories as a kid, it really made me think. I didn't realise quite how close it was to my own heart till I did it.

11. You're travelling quite a bit this year, what are you looking forward to?

I'm doing two events in Australia (Brisbane and Adelaide) and I always enjoy Australia, the people, the weather, the events people and the fans always really look after us well there. And in the US, I'm doing Philadelphia and Austin, events are really starting to take off over there so I'm looking forward to them. I've heard the music scene in Austin is good, too.

Q&A - August 2011

We talked to Gareth last weekend over margaritas in his tranquil garden...

1. Did you enjoy recording the three recent Torchwood radio plays and what was your favourite scene?

Yes, I enjoyed them. I can't pick a favourite scene, though.

2. Loved the acting and emotion in the House of the Dead play! What were your reactions when you first read the script?

I thought it was a brilliant episode. When I first read it, I thought, well, it closes the book properly on Ianto, Wales and The Rift. It does the job as it was meant to.

3. You said you'd love to work with Gary Oldman, what's your favourite Oldman role?

Tough one! Well - the maniacal detective in Leon, it's also Natalie Portman's debut film, by Luc Besson about a hitman and a little girl.

4. What do you do to prepare for an audition?

I read the script and learn the lines. You try to get a good idea about what's going on behind the words, but you need to leave it loose because things always change.

5. What is the best thing and the worst thing about acting?

Being out of work is the worst thing about acting. The best is the feeling when you've made an audience think, or feel, when you know you've had an impact on them.

6. If you had to pick three books to be the only ones for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?

Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie, Jack and the Beanstalk and the Complete Chronicles of Narnia - can I have them all? Is there a compendium or am I cheating?

7. Which song would you say sums you up most as a band, and what is your favourite track to date?

Ohhhh. (long pause) If I have to choose, then Sugarglass or maybe the lyrics of Making Sound, those lyrics encapsulate what the band's about. My favourite? Let's just say, one you've not heard yet. One from the new album, I'm saying no more than that.

8. What drew you to progressive metal as a genre?

Not having to change the CD for ages because they're all reeeally long songs. Okay, bit more seriously, because of its scope, it sounds like a soundtrack and as an actor I put a soundtrack to everything in my life. It's epic songwriting.

9. If you could record any song (that you didn't write) what would it be?

When The Music's Over by The Doors.

10. Your favourite:

Breakfast - Poached eggs on toast.
Household chore - Watering the plants.
Season - Autumn.

Gareth is looking forward to meeting his US fans at Chicago Comic Con next weekend and in Atlanta at Dragoncon at the end of the month.

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Q&A - March 2011

Instead of the usual Q&A, this time we had a cosy chat with Gareth by way of a birthday catch-up.

Gareth says that it was indeed him who directed Spring Awakening at Coleg Gwent recently, as a few people noticed (although he said the students did most of the work). He didn't know there had been a good review mentioning his involvement and was very pleased, so thanks to the people who pointed that out to us (see Press for link). He also spoke about his support for Gwent Theatre, which is facing huge cuts, and how important it is to support the arts right now.

Gareth also told us that he still has the original script for Wrecked somewhere at his home and he promised that, if he can find it, he will get it typed up and we'll put it on the site for you. However, he also said that it was very different to the play as it was eventually performed, because it was originally written in a non-linear fashion, with flashbacks and flash forwards. We look forward to seeing that some time soon.

We asked Gareth about his character in Red Faction, the upcoming SyFy tv movie. He said it was fun to shoot, although the place they filmed in was freezing cold. He can't give away much about the plot but he thinks it'll be enjoyable and he liked the role.

As several of you have commented, Gareth is indeed working out a lot lately and is looking very fit (in every sense) despite also having stopped smoking. We've never heard of anybody managing to stop smoking and lose weight at the same time before, so congratulations are also due for that.

Gareth is looking forward to going to the US again this summer for Chicago Comic Con and then DragonCon.

And... there's acting work in the pipeline, so we apparently have things to look forward to, but he can't tell us what just yet! So, all in all, a very happy birthday to Gareth.

Don't forget, if you have a question for Gareth, you can email it via the link at the top of this page

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Q&A - August 2010

1. Which place among all the locations on your prolonged trip home from Australia earlier this year is most memorable and why?

Oh, that's a tough competition... it's a choice between the Acropolis in Athens and our hotel balcony in Venice - we had a brilliant view looking onto the Grand Canal, it was just perfect.

2. When you were in high school, or just growing up in general, were you part of a certain clique or group? If yes what sort of clique was it?

At school I was never part of any of the gangs, I was between tham all but because I was funny and entertaining I was allowed to hang around them without having to be a part - I was court jester. When I went to college, I found a group of people who liked me and I liked them, and then I felt more part of a group.

3. If you could spend a week with any person in history, who would it be and why?

Owain Glyndwr, so that I could teach him, with hindsight, all the tactics he'd have needed to defeat the English.

4. What is your least favourite chore to do around the house?

Cleaning out the ferret. It's not the smell or anything, it's that while I'm trying to clean the cage, she thinks I'm playing, and I'm in her territory, so she wants to jump on my back and bite my fingers and mess around, so it takes ages.

5. If you had two pills of retcon, to whom would you give them and what would you want to erase from that person's memory?

Oh, there's quite a lot... hmm, that's difficult and the more I think about it, the harder it gets (names a famous film director he'd like to have retconned quite early in his Hollywood career). No, better not say that - he might offer me a job one day!

6. With which famous musician (dead or alive) would you want to have a joint concert?

Tool, we'd play well with them.

7. What was the best gig you ever did?

So far? A tie between Manchester Ruby Lounge and the Buffalo Bar, but the best is still to come - come along and see us!

8. What's the best thing that's happened with the band, your proudest moment?

When we got a 4 Ks review for the album in Kerrang! I felt really proud for the guys because that was special. I'm proud of what we've done and them getting recognition.

9. Have you ever met anyone who has rendered you speechless (for whatever reason)?

Yes, Robert Englund (aka Freddy Krueger). He told me I reminded him of Tom Hanks. There's no answer to that.

10. Quickfire questions:

Name one thing you totally suck at. - Answering quickfire questions?

You wouldn't be caught dead, where? - St Mary Street in Cardiff on a Saturday night.

What really gives you the creeps? - When people are in denial and false about things that aren't right, when they just pretend everything's okay and ignore anything that makes them uncomfortable.

What do you want right now? - For Sex Wales & Anarchy to be a huge success and for some of the artists taking part to get some recognition out of it.

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Q&A - March 2010

We caught up with Gareth at his birthday celebrations and he kindly took ten minutes out to answer some more fan questions.

1. What is under your bed?

Dog hair and Rizlas.

2. I wish I had more time to... ?

Live! (laughs)

3. What drives you crazy?

Awful pop media, commercial media.

4. What do you do to vent anger?

I rock out. Yeah.

5. Do people ever come up to you on the street and call you Ianto? And if so, does it bother you?

Only once or twice, it doesn't happen a lot. I just smile.

6. Have you ever listened to Janis Joplin and if so do you have any favourite tracks?

I love Janis Joplin. Her version of Summertime - it's brilliant.

7. If you could spend a week with any person in history, who would it be and why?

I'd go back and brief Owain Glyndwr on what the English were planning to do to beat him, so he had a chance to beat them. The English drove his army up into the hills, and then they just starved them out by killing all the cattle. We held out against the English for over a decade, but they were killing all the food and picking us off as we emerged. The Black Prince, he got us in the end.

8. As a student of philosophy, do you feel affinity with any particular way of thought? Whose philosophical works appeal the most?

Rousseau. "Men are born free but all around they are in chains". Yeah, him.


Item of clothing - My Goth geek coat. It's smart, but it's still Gothic and it makes me feel like a vampire.
Toy as a child - My He-Man figures and Castle Grayskull.

Gareth also gave us a preview of the new album (the new version of 'Making Sound' is amazing) and is looking forward to playing more gigs in the near future.

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Q&A - January 2010

1. If you could act with anyone living or dead, who would it be and what play would you choose?

I'd like to work with Gary Oldman. I'd like us to play a pair of gangsters, a gangster movie, that'd be great.

2. What do you think about all the campaigning to bring Ianto back?

It's all very flattering but you know - I let it go as soon as I took the suit off. I know I joke about it when people ask me at Cons, but it's unproductive to keep thinking about it. I want to have a diverse career, to look forward to the parts I'm trying to get now and not dwell on what's gone.

3. Since doing Wrecked, has it changed the way you view drinking or drugs?

No, because Wrecked was all about the way I viewed them. I think it should be "anything in moderation" - I know, I'm not always the best advert for that but I think it's important to try and to understand the possible consequences. I do my best.

4. I've read that you enjoy cooking. Do you like to bake?

Yes, but mostly savoury stuff, not cakes. I'm not a dessert lover. I like to cook chillis, curries, anything spicy. I do a mean sausage and bean casserole.

5. If you had to eat only one thing for a month what would it be?

Ooh, that's hard, I don't have a favourite food, I eat according to my moods. I think it would have to be cawl (a traditional Welsh stew) - that's got all the right veg and protein, it's full of good stuff.

6. Given the name of Blue Gillespie's debut album (Synesthesia), will it be a mixed bag of styles/influences or does it have an overall theme?

There's definitely a theme in it. We're writing it to be experienced, not just listened to. We want to appeal to more senses than one, that's the point of the name.

7. What inspires you to write lyrics?

It depends. I write about things I want to have a moan about, events, things I hear. It often comes out of listening to the sounds of the music and I think that's best, they're my favourite lyrics.

8. Did you have any pets when you were growing up?

Mostly dogs. My first dog was a labrador called Chika.

9. If you won the jackpot on the lottery what would be the first thing you would buy?

A house. A massive house, then an Aston Martin, then a boat. Yeah (laughs).

10. What was the:

Last book you read? - Vlad: The Last Confession, a thriller about Dracula
Last music you listened to? - DJ Reso (on MySpace)
TV you watched? - Prison Break, good mindless Sunday TV

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Q&A - August 09

1. Do you still get nervous when filming/performing?

Only at the start of a new project when I'm filming and then I'm fine after the first couple of scenes. But I get nervous before going on stage every single night.

2. Do you have any odd/strange habits?

I walk around the house aimlessly. It takes me a long time to settle, sometimes.

3. What bores you?

(Gives name of popular comedy figure, then, regretfully) Oh, I don't suppose I ought to say his name. But really, generic comedy. The stuff with canned laughter. Sitcoms and sketch shows like that.

4. What part of your work is the most fun?

Making people happy, or at least evoking an emotional response from them. Obviously, Children Of Earth didn't exactly make most people happy, but it was great TV.

5. What was it like flying in a helicopter like you did for the signing recently?

It was the first time I'd been in one. It was a pity that Eve is with child, because the pilot was told to take it easy with us but I wanted to do some wild manouevres.

6. Can you tell us about the writing process for Blue Gillespie's own songs? Who does what?

The lyrics tend to come first, from me. Then Clarky or Rhys listen to them and come up with a riff to suit the timbre and then Nicky takes over - he's the structural genius who puts it all together.

7. What do you keep putting off for another day?

(looks rueful) Any type of paperwork. Bills and so on.

8. Do you cook, and if so, what best?

Chilli or poached salmon I like to cook. I think my chilli's the best thing I do. I cook a lot, I enjoy it.

Subjects at school
- Drama of course and English
Comedian - can I have three? Ricky Gervais, Sacha Baron Cohen I like right now and Dylan Moran. But Dylan Moran beats out the others
Vegetable - potato

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Q&A - March 09

1. If you could be in the Guiness World Records for anything what would it be?

For having the most dogs, I love my dogs.

2. What has been your most memorable convention experience so far?

Sitting with a dog in my lap in an armchair at Polaris on Toronto, my first overseas convention. It farted. Or possibly when I had to go onstage handcuffed to a blow up sheep at the first Hub.

3. If you could change your name, what would it be?

Something more Welsh. What's Welsh? Dragon! I could be called Dragon something.

4. Do you eat spicy or hot food?

I love hot food. I love chilli, hot curries, I ate a lot of Mexican food in LA and San Diego. Jubaraj is good in Cardiff, if you like your curry, they have a couple of places there.

5. If you could pick up any character (from any other show, except Doctor Who) to work in Torchwood, who would you choose?

Omar from The Wire (said in awe)*. He's one of the coolest tv drama characters ever and I think he would fit in well.

*The Wire is starting on BBC2 this Monday late evening and every night after, showing all 60 episodes.

6. Would you be friends with Ianto, Gwen, Owen, Tosh or Jack in real life? Why?

Tosh probably, I think she's the least intense of the lot of them. She'd be the most laugh over a drink. Jack? He drinks water!

7. Do you like doing combat scenes? Would you like more?

I'd love to do loads more. I really enjoy doing them. It's what you do as a kid, isn't it, running round pretending to fight things or be at war. Really, it's the most fun you get to have, playing things as an actor.

8. How has your life changed since being on Torchwood?

I'm completely still me, but I'm much more confident, more relaxed. I'm more world-aware. It's enabled me to do a lot of things on my to-do-in-life list.

9. Your house is on fire: which 3 items do you save?

My girlfriend and my dogs. If the dogs count as one, then I'd also save my photos. Memories are important.

10. Do you have any solid Welsh insults you can share?

Well, I'm Welsh. And I say "bugger off" a lot. Will that do?

11. What are you doing today on your birthday?

I'm going to surround myself with people I like. And I'm going to go to my favourite pub and relax, because on Monday I'm recording a Torchwood audio book, a new one by Brian Minchin, it's my first. I'm looking forward to that. I'm also booked to do three more Torchwood radio dramas and an independent short film with some brilliant people.

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Q&A - November 08

1. What jobs have you done other than acting?

I've worked in a call centre, done bar work, been a receptionist in a leisure centre, sold computer games - all the sorts of jobs that you do in between the acting to get by.

2. Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

Ideally, somewhere I can choose the work that I do, with all my health and peace of mind. Realistically, I'll be working, trying to climb up the ladder and make my way, hoping to repay all the people who've helped me along the way. I want to make my Mum and Auntie proud.

3. What qualities would you like to be admired for?

I hope I'm unprejudiced. I'm uncompromising. It's a hard one to answer because I don't really care how people see me as long as I don't hurt anyone.

4. What images come to mind when you think of Wales?

The Brecon Beacons, all the mountains. That's Wales.

5. Morning or night person?

(gives a "duh" look) Night.

6. What's the weirdest thing you've been asked to sign?

That blow-up plastic sheep at The Hub. That was definitely weird.

7. What scares you?

Being alone, physically and mentally.

8. If you could give Ianto one piece of advice, what would it be?

Loosen up, mate!

9. Who is the biggest joker on the Torchwood set?

Barrowman, of course.

10. What's your ringtone and why?

It's rubbish at the moment. It's a factory setting because I had my phone repaired and they wiped everything. Usually, it's the first few bars of a Tool track, the last one was Jambi but it changes.

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Q&A - August 08

1. You did some musical theatre when you were younger. Would you be willing to put your musical skills to use on the stage (apart from Blue Gillespie) again if you were asked? Maybe something like Guys and Dolls or Chicago?

It depends on the musical. I'm a big fan of Sondheim, Brecht, the darker side of musical theatre. I'm not really into those glitzy family shows, you know, I like it when people step out of character and use the song as a narrative tool, not just burst into song. I loved playing Mac The Knife, Macheath in the Threepenny Opera and I'd like to do Happy End some time.

2. What emotion is the hardest for you to prepare for and to play?

Ooh. Tough one (thinks hard). Joy, that's what I find the riskiest. I can tend to be a bit fake with that sometimes because I find it hard to find something funny and laugh when I personally don't get it.

3. What inspires you?

Sincerity and - so long as nobody gets hurt in the process - acts of personal courage and freedom.

4. You mentioned in a previous Q&A that you loved Conrad's Heart Of Darkness. What was it about the story that fascinated you so much?

The fact that no matter how great and good and perfect someone is, put in the wrong environment it can bring out the worst in them. That's a bit what Blue Gillespie is about sometimes, that there's a darker side to every personality.

5. If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

The Andes, to follow the Inca Trail, just to explore such a fascinating advanced culture and the travesty of what the Spanish did by invading and bastardising it. I'd love to play Pisarro in The Royal Hunt Of The Sun, but I'll have to wait till I'm about sixty... (thinks)...I could play Atahualpa before then though.

6. Do you have any particular exercise or fitness regime?

(laughs bitterly). Well, yes. But not right now. I've got this mate of mine, a runner up in Mr Wales, and recently he's been taking me to the gym three times a week and helping me work out. But last week, I got a bit over ambitious while I was lifting weights and ended up on my arse and injured myself. So, this week, no. Ouch.

7. What is your idea of the perfect woman?

That's hard. In real life or an ideal? What attracts me, generally, is confidence, modesty, kindness, generosity, thoughtfulness. But none of the above matter if there's that spark, if she can make me feel like nothing else exists when I'm with her. That's not a quality you can describe or predict till it happens.

8. Favourite:
- Aston Martin
Colour - Black. Is that too gloomy? Dull chrome? (laughs) No primary colours, anyway.
Chocolate - (thinks very hard) Toblerone. Or real dark chocolate, the quality stuff. I can eat a bit of that, it's good for me.
Sport - Rugby (in a tone of voice that suggests it ought to be obvious)
Country, other than Wales - Oh, that's hard, I've got to be careful not to offend anyone, haven't I? Canada was lovely, but can I see the rest too before I make a decision?

9. What kinds of dogs are Maynard and Darcey, and can we see a picture of you with them?

They're crosses. There's Whippet and Staffordshire Bull Terrier mainly and I think they might have a dash of Border Collie. I'll find a picture for you.

10. Will there be any Ianto in Season Three of Torchwood?

Well, I start filming when I get back from Atlanta. When I last saw Russell he said he could see I'd been going to the gym and I told him it was because they might make me take my top off again. He said they'd have to write something in - so maybe there will be! (wicked grin)

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Q&A - March 08

1. Are you doing a TW audiobook?

I haven't been asked to, but I'd be happy to do one. They sound like fun.

2. What preparation did you do to play a gay man?

None really, it's just the suspension of disbelief. I'd played a gay man before. At first it feels a bit odd but you just get used to it... and John's a gentleman (laughs).

3. If you could relive any one day of your life, what would it be?

The Saturday just gone! I was watching Wales win the 2008 Six Nations Cup, that was rugby. I was at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff and I think they must have crammed the whole of Wales in there; it was awesome. Brilliant.

4. Where would you like to live and why?

A farmhouse, maybe in West Wales by the coast or maybe in the Valleys. Wales. (nods)

5. What was your most embarrassing moment filming Torchwood?

(long pause for thought) There's been a few, I don't know. Most of them it's been about forgetting that the radio mike is still on - you think you're talking about personal matters to one person and then you find out - not.

6. What are your defining character traits?

(grins) Oh, I don't know. Impulsive? Friendly? Sometimes a bit over-friendly, especially to women (grins even more).

7. Will your band [Blue Gillespie] release a CD of your music?

Yes, we want to, if people like us. So far for Blue Gillespie we've written five original tracks and we will be doing some more along with some covers. We've already recorded a few tracks and there should be limited edition CDs available at both Sex, Wales & Anarchy and at The Rift.

8. Do you think Ianto wanted Jack from the start in Torchwood?

If he did, he didn't know it himself. Maybe the sense of something was always there, but it took some time for it to become clear in his mind. There's stuff in Episode Twelve of Season Two that gives a hint.

9. Are you doing any theatre in the near future?

I'd love to - that's a hint to any theatre producers out there reading this - I really miss it. Call me!

10. What is your favourite song from Labyrinth (that's what you get for saying it was your guilty pleasure)?

(immediately) Dance Magic Dance (does the gestures and sings along). We might cover it, you never know. I want to, I just have to convince the rest of the band! (laughs)

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Q&A - New Year 08

We caught up with Gareth after Christmas for a chat and to ask some of your questions:

1. Going into the new season, what are your goals for Ianto in terms of growth? In general, how do you see him growing and changing?

There's more maturity as he goes along, he's getting stronger as he faces more situations. He's less easily intimidated and he's becoming a more efficient cog in the TW machine.

2. Why do you think James Marsters and you got along so well?

We have similar philosophies in both life and work and we have similar interests. I think sometimes I surprised him a bit, with things like Conrad's Heart of Darkness that we both love. And we're politically similar.

3. In season 2, does Ianto get to have at least a few moments where he's happy and contented, even if it doesn't last?

Most of the season, actually. There's always an underlying darkness with him from his past, but he's getting a lot more comfortable with himself. He makes a lot more jokes this year and he looks at the lighter side of things even if he does do it with a wry smile on his face.

4. What is your musical guilty pleasure?

Well... I suppose a lot of people might find it embarrasing, but I don't. I like the soundtrack from Labyrinth.

5. Is there much preparation time for audio work on books, or do you go into the studio 'cold'?

You just get a copy of the book a couple of days before you go into the studio. It's up to you if you haven't read it before, you choose whether to read it then or go into the studio cold. I do know people who have done that. But in the studio, you may only get one take, two if you're lucky.

6. Do you have any favourite poets? Or a particular poem?

Oh yes, Dylan Thomas. Not just because he's a Welshman, I also played him in one of the first plays I did in amateur dramatics, A Child's Christmas In Wales for the Dolman Theatre in Newport. The lines that open his Under Milk Wood are my favourite. The whole thing is amazing, but the opening lines always give me goosepimples.

7. Is there a particular view in Wales that has taken your breath away?

Loads of them do. The view from the Sugar Loaf mountain in Abergavenny for starters. And the view from the Goose and Cuckoo in Goytre, it's in the middle of nowhere with amazing views. To get the beer up there, they have to use a four by four. My family come from round there.

8. Even though you can't give away specific Ianto plots in series 2, are you able to tell us which episodes Ianto has his most significant roles in?

The episodes in general are a lot more shared this year and there are very few that concentrate on specific characters. But in episode ten, the P.J.Hammond one, Ianto's the one most affected by what goes on. It's very spooky and I like that, it's one of my favourite episodes. Another significant one is the twelfth one, the one next to last, when you see a key part of Ianto's past.

9. If you could work with any actor who would you choose?

(no hesitation at all) Gary Oldman.

10. What's the best thing about working with John Barrowman?

(chuckles) Probably the fun he brings to the set. I've got loads of stories, but he might not like me telling them in public. (chuckles again)

11. Can you tell us anything about Alan Dale's appearance and did you get to do scenes with him?

I got to do one scene with him, but we didn't have any dialogue. He's a very cool guy, one of the coolest actors I've ever met.

12. Who do you hang out with from the TW cast?

Probably Burn and Eve. John's always so busy with things that he's not around so much.

13. Which do you prefer? Acting on stage or for the camera?

Ooh, that's difficult. They're different. Stage I like for the immediacy and the audience response, but working for the cameras needs subtlety and naturalism. For the theatre, you have to use a lot of stagecraft and technique to convince the audience but the camera picks everything up and you can't do that, you have to convince the person you're speaking to.

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Q&A - December 07

1. What is your greatest achievement?

Staying alive. And getting the role of Ianto on Torchwood.

2. What's your greatest extravagance?

(laughs a lot) To get rid of all my money as soon as I get it. On friends, on my family and on women.

3. Is there one thing you always carry with you?

(long pause)
And remember this is an all ages site
My lighter.

4. What's on your iPod right now?

A lot of prog rock. Tool, The Mars Volta, Nine Inch Nails. A lot of Electronica. Hip Hop, Portishead, Lamb, Massive Attack. Everything from Pantera to The Beauty.

5. What's the best advice you've been given?

Learn from your mistakes, and whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

6. If you could change one thing about yourself?

Financial responsibility. I need some!

7. If you had to be stuck in a lift with someone?

Intellectually, Dylan Thomas. Physically, Scarlett Johansson (grins)

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Q&A - November 07

1. What kind of music do you like?

Diverse sort of music, or it depends on my mood. I love my rock or my Classic Soul and Blues. I will listen to pretty much anything except commercial pop.

2. What qualities do you value in your friends?

Loyalty, generosity. I'm attracted to unique characters.

3. What's your ambition as an actor?

To be able to choose my work. To do what I want to do and to design or produce what I want to do.

4. What would your perfect night off be?

A glass of red wine, a plate of meatballs and pasta and six episodes back to back of The Sopranos.

5. Who did you model your character on Torchwood on?

Nobody in particular. There's a sense of humour that I like and a fascination I've got with very clean cut individuals with dark undertones.

6. If you had to play a female role, who would it be?

Lady Macbeth.

7. Whose advice do you listen to?

My mum's, but she passed away. I tend to listen to a lot of different people, I've always been independent in my decision making. For my career, John Barrowman's been a great advisor.

8. What's the most fun you've had playing Ianto?

I've had loads of fun times - last night was brilliant but I can't talk about it. Socially, for the work and the setting it has to be Countrycide. Filming in the Brecon Beacons in the heart of my beautiful country in an old hotel, all five of us working together, and it's my favourite episode.

9. What show would you most like a part on?

The Sopranos, but it's over now. I'd have been a Welsh importer of wool. There's never been a Celtic character on it - Europeans and English but never Celtic. I'd be one of Tony's shady Welsh connections.

10. What would you have been if not an actor?

A musician, a singer. I'd have been in a band. I'd have tried, anyway.

(Gareth's Blues band A Breath of Blue Fire played a 30 minute set at The Point in Cardiff on the 17th November, see the celtic blues page for details)

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